A Juggernaut has landed!

On Monday, a giant juggernaut ‘landed’ in our playground! This is part of a project, run by the Fuel Theatre company, giving children the opportunity to engage with live theatre. All through the week they have been performing a show called Issy, Bosss and Fractal. Issy is an Environmental Specialist from the British Organisation for […]

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making torches in Y4!

As part of our D&T and Science topic, Year 4s have designed and made their own fully working torches. They had lots of fun building working electrical circuits, constructing the torch body and decorating by selecting a variety of different materials. Have a look at some of the wonderful torch designs! 

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Joyful Joey

Joey is our school dog and very popular in our school community! The children have been fantastic at making him feel loved with all the cuddles, strokes and playing with him in the playground. Last week he celebrated his third birthday and he was very excited about all the cards and good wishes he had […]

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Ukulele festival

Ukulele is a great instrument to play and at Michael Faraday, the children in Year 4 have the opportunity to learn about beat, harmony, melody, rhythm and tempo through ukulele lessons. On Thursday the 28th April our Year 4 children participated in the ukulele festival in the ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall. They performed […]

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glorious Gardens

At Michael Faraday we are super fortunate to have an inspiring, award-winning building and a fantastic big site as a space for the children to learn, explore and enjoy. Our curriculum intent is for the children to make sense of the world they live in and be encouraged to add to it, and therefore we […]

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Y6 Art: Flowers

In Art, Year 6 have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe, who was born in the USA. As one of seven children, her mother encouraged Georgia’s interest in art. The landscape of where she lived was very important to Georgia, which became evident in her later work. Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings inspired the Year 6 children […]

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Y5 Art: Zebras

The theme for our whole school art project this term has been ‘Our wonderful world’. In Year 5, their focus was Zebras. Alan Hunt’s amazing art work inspired them to explore different tones and textures and then to use charcoal as a medium to create their art pictures. We were so impressed with their creations!

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Y4 Art: birds

The theme for our whole school art project this term has been ‘Our wonderful world’. Our aim was for children to appreciate an aspect in our world through art and Year 4 chose the topics of Birds. The artist they studied was the British artist Alan M Hunt, who has travelled extensively on field trips […]

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Y3 Art: fish

The Year 3 children were inspired by J Vincent, who is best known for his abstract fish art. After they did observational sketching of different fish, they used waterpaint as a medium to create their art pictures. We hope you enjoy their wonderful creations!

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Y2 Art: Rainforests

The Year 2 children have been busy creating art works inspired by Henri Rousseau and Tingatina. They researched different animals that may live in the Rainforest an looked closely at Tingatinga’s style of African patterns that he incorporated into his artwork. These artworks show final paintings designed by our Year 2s!

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