We love PE!

We are so happy to have Levi joining our Faraday team 3 days a week. He teaches the children PE and at the moment the focus is on Multi-skills and ball skills and then he will move onto Athletics. The children are having so much fun and they are really enjoying participating in the lessons.

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This week 8 children from across year 3 and year 4 participated in a special sports event with the London PE School Sports Network. They learnt the rules and skills involved in the sport Boccia. They also had the opportunity to play Boccia in teams.  The children had a lot of fun. They did us proud […]

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MarvelLous bowling

On the 13 of October a small group of excited children and staff took the school minibus to Hollywood Bowl at the Surrey Quays Leisure Park.  With pack lunch in hand the children entered the building ready to develop their physical, social and mental skills.  Some had never played bowling before, some were placed with […]

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Loving Lacrosse!

At Michael Faraday we have introduced a new sport to our PE curriculum in the Autumn Term and the children absolutely loved it! The sport is Lacrosse – it is a team sport played with a lacrosse stick and lacrosse ball. Players use the head of the lacrosse stick to carry, pass, catch, and shoot […]

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Kye Whyte in the building!

Kye began riding BMX when he was just 3 years old! Riding runs in the family, with his father Nigel a co-founder of the famous Peckham BMX Club, which is just round the corner from our school. It was from here that Whyte got his “Prince of Peckham” nickname and began his ascent from the […]

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Our wonderful playground

We are so fortunate to have a fantastic environment for children so enjoy and socialise during play time and lunch time. Since January, Reception children have also joined the big playground at lunchtimes. Their year 6 buddies have been great at making sure they feel safe and that they are well looked after!

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